Thursday, September 4, 2014

Kindergarten and summer vacation

Ruby graduated preschool this year and is now a big kindergartener.  

She is doing amazing and has started kindergarten with her cousin, whom she adores.  She has told me so many times how happy she is that he is in her class.

She and her brother did swim lessons this summer and absolutely loved it.  Ruby is a water lover and is really the happiest when in the water, as all of her teachers and family members will attest to

I am not sure if there is anywhere on Earth Ruby would rather be than in the pool.

It took a little while for Oliver to warm up to being in the pool but eventually he was loving it too.
Thankfully, life for us has been very uneventful.  Ruby is making amazing progress every day, both physically and intellectually.  She loves her brother and is a really good big sister.  Her brother is quite a character, as is she.  They love to make each other laugh and have been having "sleep overs" almost every night lately because they really enjoy each other's company.  I am so blessed to have both of these little ones.
Thank you for following along our journey.