Wednesday, February 29, 2012 too many.

SO...We have managed to make it all the way through the night in our own room. It was pretty much Ruby and I all last night since Ollie and Sarah were in the ER. He had some "breathing thearapy" to help him along with his funk too. Ruby is good as she can be. We lagged on a med time and she got cranky and sore, but we were able to catch everything back up and shes back to better spirits. Always have that Dora handy I guess to save the day too. I think my favorite times of the night was when a guy came in at 1130 to do an Xray on Ruby in bed. He wanted things to be SO perfect, and I had to keep telling him, "She's a 2 year old, strange place, drugged up, trying to get a xray in a perfect do you need it man, come on." then he quit and left for the evening. About 130am a guy ,Pat I think, Said time for an xray, did everything I was trying to help the other guy with and was out in no time flat. I was way more relieved to have him, way more understanding! Slowly through out the night, Rubys left side of her face started to swell....which is normal....but it got to having her left eye swollen all the way shut. I could tell it was making her upset, but this mirning in the last hour or 2, the swelling is slowly subsiding and I can see her eyeball again. So that a plus. Its hard for me to have to see her this way in pain and swelled up like this. If I could trade places I would do it with out blinking an eye. She is our little trooper and shows us that no matter what is dealt, as crappy as things could be, it gets better. Maybe not right away, but time heals everything and soon enough this is gonna be a distant memory and a normal life can begin for ruby. All I got to say is 3 days and a wake up till the worst is over.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Can't we catch a break?

So we finally got our own room on the 3rd floor which has been great for the last 4 hours. Ruby finally started to get cranky cause of no pain meds around 7pm and that was taken care of real quick, so shes in a better la la land state now chilling with her Dora videos.

Poor Sarah and Ollie on the other hand.......SO around 4 or 5, Sarah ran home to feed Ollie and grab some things to settle in, and now going to the E.R. Before anyone gets scared, hes o.k., well sick but ok. This virus/cold/ what ever it is has been kicking his little butt for a while now. So as I write this, Sarah is with Ollie downstairs while I am with Ruby upstairs. They wanted to admit him cause they think he might have pneumonia or something of that sorts, SO we both are gonna be on hospital duty for tonight I think. I really wish Sarah and Ollie could catch a break and just be able to relax and think of Ruby instead of this! I am not sure what else is gonna be thrown at us in these next few weeks but its becoming very hard emotionally as well as exausting physically.

We are lucky to have support from Sarahs mom, and my parents coming tomorrow and this weekend, if it were to be just us alone this whole time, we might have lost it. We have been able to manage with everyones thought and prayers and will pull our butts through this. Next time you see Sarah, give her a big hug and tell her how good and strong of a mom she is to be able to get through this. She is grinding along and I love her so much for it. I couldn't have a better wife to go through all this with. By the time all of this is over its gonna make us stronger, better parents and couples I know you are gonna say what about you.........well, I'm trucking along, thanks.

Update from the momma

My first update here, Ruby is resting peacefully. She has had moments where she has a little pain but the nurses have been great about managing her pain. It has been more stress and heartache than I ever thought possible but we know we are in good hands and that within a few weeks our Ruby will be seizure free. Please keep us in your prayers, we have not yet gotten to the most difficult part of... this journey. Also please say a prayer for our little Oliver. He is having a hard time figting a virus, a cough, and a fever. He had to go to the doctor yesterday too b/c he was so dehydrated. How much can one momma take? I never thought I'd have to worry about both babies. Hopefully I will have more updates but keep checking the blog because Jason is doing a good job of keeping it updated as things progress. Love to all....

Day 2

So we were advised by the doctors last night that if there was ANY night to go home and get rest, it was last night. So we came back to the apartment to a really sick Oliver. He has a fever and cold and almost had to be admited cause of it. We kinda thought it was weird he wasn't intrested in drinking anyhing, but it really compuonded over night. This morning Ollie woke up, looking at the bedroom door saying "rooo, rooo, rooo?". I think he was looking for Ruby which was so sweet and heartbreaking.
I had a hard time sleeping cause I was worried about Ruby all night. The ICU is such a sad place and it was so hard to leave her there for the night. I could only imagine her waking up to all the poor kids crying and moaning, being so scared. We were reasured she'd be ok though. From today on, someone will be with her at all times. I believe I will get night shift and Sarah will get day shift. We are in a whirlwind right now and these posts might be short and sweet, or scatterbrained, but we will organize our thoughts soon enough. We will try to get more pictures up soon enough.

Monday, February 27, 2012

All is well...

So everything went well today. Ruby did great, and is sleeping off the drugs. She looks so funny already with no hair but I know is already very beautiful bald. It was a long emotional day for all involved, and were relieved for it to be done. The staff here is amazing and had the best surgery team ever. Kind warm hearts in everyone of them. As long as today was, I think the week will fly by and be ready for the big day Friday. Keep thinking and praying for Ruby, for they worked wonders today. Be ready to wear your ruby shirts Friday for the big day too.
she sound asleep now and doing fine.


She's out of surgery!!! The first stage is done, we will see her in a bit. A small sigh of relief. Got to see a pic of her brain before and after the grids....super crazy!!!! Now, a week wait and then the big day.

Getting started.

They ran into a little issue with Rubys iv, a little dehydrated so harder to set, but got things going finally. The nurse said she looks beautiful even with a shaved head. Too hard to imagine right now. She has a breathing tube In so she might have to stay sedated till tomorrow. We will get to see her in about 6 hours, give or take. Long day for the family forsure.

Well, she's off

Ruby was a little fussy coming in, but she got some oral drugs and it was party time. She was a ham after that. Still awful to hand over our little angel, but its for good reason. Here is a little smile before she was taken back.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Time is finally here

I was thinking I would have some eloquent words to write about how scary all this is and how I am feeling sick to my stomach but really I don't know what to say.  We are just putting one foot in front of the next.  My anxiety level is pretty high and I think if I were alone I would be an absolute mess but having others here have kept me distracted.  I hope that I can keep my mind occupied enough so that I don't have too much time to freak myself out.  A week from now we will be on the other side of all of this and will be working on rehabiliating our little lady and preparing to come home.

I have heard from other families who write about how long their kids have been seizure free and I just cant imagine that.  There will be a day when our lady has no more seizures..... It seems impossible and I just can't wait for the time when I can start reporting how long it has been since she has had one. 

I know that one thing that scares me is how she is going to handle the week of being stuck in bed not feeling well.  I have tried to stock up on things to keep her occupied but I just worry she is going to be hurting and upset.  Tomorrow night we have to leave her in the hospital and come back to the apartment without her while she is in recovery.  I know that she is in good hands but I am just sad that she may wake up and be scared not seeing mom or dad.  She has woken up every night we have been here upset because of being somewhere new, but I am hoping she will be sedated enough to not be scared.

We will be wearing our Ruby June shirt tomorrow.  Tomorrow would be a good day to wear your shirt, sport your patch, jingle your key chain, etc.  Say a prayer for all of us whenever you see them and pray for a speedy day for us.  We have been waiting so long.  It is now time to face the music and get through it. 

I am starting to babble so I am going to bed.  Hopefully I can get some sleep.  Early morning start tomorrow followed by a long day so I am going to take a meletonin and hit the hay.


The morning before the big day, watching her favorite show. It's gonna be a while before she has hair like this again. She will always be beautiful though.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Well, Today was kinda painless. We met with the doctor and nurses today to do a final eval on Ruby, to be sure she is ready for the big day. Things always seem to make us feel a little bit better everytime we come down and talk. The staff here is amazing and we really don't feel like we could put our little princess in any better hands than the ones here. Its still super crazy nerveracking for whats gonna be happening, but its gonna be all good. So both the kids were little angels with the doctors, and got the check in time for monday morning. Its gonna be pretty early so she will be out realitivly early monday mid dayish. The rough recovery time they keep giving us seems nuts, only a few days to go home, but we might stay local even a few more days just to be sure Ruby doesn't spike a fever or something crazy. As the day gets closer, it gets scarier, but we know this is a good thing and I feel with what the doctors have been saying, will be the a smal bump in the road. I know its probably a sad thing to think about, but I am kinda excited to get this done and see her in her helmet. I can't wait to plaster that thing with the coolest Dora stickers ever!!! We will try to keep this updated for anyone following as best we can during this endeveor to try and give everyone a piece of mind. Thanks everyone for following along and keep Ruby in your thoughts and prayers.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Thank you so much!

I wish I could thank you all individually, send you some beautifully worded note, and give you a hug.  Jason and I are busy getting packed and ready to leave.  So please know that although we are unable to send out thank yous or do anything to really show our gratitude, we do appreciate all the gifts, the prayers, and hard work that has been done the last few months to get us prepared for what is upon us.

Now is the time to really thank God for the surgeons who will be working on our little girl and bless their hands as they heal her.  (I could use a few prayers to keep me calm too, if you could please)

You may not hear from me for a while, or I may be writing a lot.  I am not sure what to expect but Jason and I will try to keep you all updated as to how we are all doing.

Thank you so much,

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Benefit 4 Ruby

So everything went off perfectly. The Deathtraps really did an outstanding job on getting things together and getting great donations from the community. It was very overwhelming to see the amount of people that came through to show their support for us and mostly Ruby. I really wish we could have gotten a picture with EVERY person that came by, just to show her how much she is loved by the family, friends and a great community. We will post more pics as they come in.
Being on the receving side of this event, I really can't find a single word, or many for that matter that can describe how much we appreciate the support. I had been told about the donation but when we got to see everything layed out, it was mind boggling. I can't thank all the businesses and people that donated . There were even 2 little guys that broke into their piggy banks and donated zpilock bags of change, which brought a tear to my eye....I was able to hold it together pretty well though in front of them.
The whole night was a blur of love and emotion, tears of joy and prayers that tug at your heart, and went by in a flash. None of this would have happened if it weren't for a group of greasy bikers with big hearts that want to help out friends. They are an amazing group of guys with great souls and am glad to have them all as friends.
Again, I can't stress it enough how much we appreciate the support, for everyone that came out, everyone that wanted to come but couldn't and thoughts and prayer from everyone, It goes a long long way.
We are also not going to be selling shirts or taking donations anymore since the turn out for the benefit was such a success, AND we are going to be gone and will not have any time to attend to anything but Ruby. We will keep everyone informed on things as they come, and they are gonna be here sooner than later, just keep checking back. Thanks again EVERYONE!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Its almost here.....

Here is a link to the Deathtraps page, and these guys are REALLY making things happen!!! Its nice to live in a small town and have some really good friends willing to step up to help out. Words can't express how greatful we are for this to be happening to help our little angel. This should be a kick in the pants!!! Music, raffle, silent auction, friends, good food and good times!!!! Be there, even if its to just come by and say hi!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Recent events

There has not been much going on in our household for a couple weeks.  We all just got over a nasty round of the stomach flu so it has put almost everything on hold for about the last week or so.  I am starting to feel a little better. 
We have had a few people let us know about the "Wings Fund" lately and I just wanted to say thank you.  We have been accepted so they will be assisting us with our lodging, food, and gas.
Also, the fundraiser dinner is coming up on the 18th.  I am not sure if I will get to be there much but I hope to see many of you there.  I will be staying home with the kids.  Since it is so close to the surgery it is best to keep her away from large groups of people so she doesn't catch any sort of illness.  Luckily we all got thruough the stomach bug now and not in a couple weeks.  That would have been dreadful.
So that is my story in a nutshell.  I am sure I will have more to report when I am feeling a bit better.  Only 24 days until the first of two surgeries.  I just can not wait for it all to be over.