Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Clean Bill of Health

I am thrilled to announce that we met with Ruby's neurosurgeon and neurologist last week and were given really good news.
As far as the MRI can show and as far as we have seen, the surgery has been a complete success!  Ruby has be seizure free for 8 months now.
I can't even begin to express my relief from the meeting with the neurologist.  It seems as if every time we have met with him we have been given some sort of difficult news to digest.  Friday was a good day and it was great to see the doctor very pleased with the outcome.  I am sure the theoretically the surgery always seems like a good idea but the outcome can never truly be known until afterward.  I have to say that Ruby's hemispherectomy seems to have been a complete success.  It is hard for me to really embrace it and believe it.  There is always a little place in my mind that tells me it is really too good to be true.  There is no way that everything could really be this amazing, but it is.
Ruby is doing absolutely amazing.  It is as if we all prayed for the absolute best case scenario, really shot for the stars, and God said, "Ha, I can do you one better.  Watch this!"  And WHAM-O here she is exceeding all our wildest dreams by leaps and bounds.
I would really like to share more of how well Ruby is doing, such as physically and mentally but I only had a short moment to share our good news for today.  I will try to get some video posted and also some super cute family pictures.
Thank you all again so much for all of your love and support.  Please continue to keep Ruby in your prayers.  Over the next 8 weeks we will be weaning her off of her seizure medication so the next couple months will truely be the moment of truth.